Juma-Jami Mosque, Yevpatoria – Ukraine

The Juma Jami mosque was built in Ukraine, the former colony of Russia. After independence of the seven colonies of Russia in 1990s, theses colonies are now a part of the seven Central Asian countries.  According to the history this mosque was built between 1552 and 1564. This is famously also known as Friday Mosque.

This mosque is the most beautiful mosque in the city of Crimea, a well-known city of Ukraine, originally designed by the Turkish architect Mimar Sinan who was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1489 and was alive for 99 years. He was hired to design the mosque by Khan Devlet in 1552, who had previously designed two mosques in Istanbul by the name of Sinan Pasha Mosque and Sehzade Mosques.

The height and width of the mosque is 22 meters and 21 meters. The mosque is equipped with numerous windows of various sizes which provide lots of air and daylight to the people who offer prayers.

The mosque is decorated with a beautifully designed dome which measures 11 meters in size along with 11 more small size domes which add to the beauty of the mosque. The numerous windows that provide lots of air to the worshippers are decorated with tainted glasses which add to the beauty of the mosque.

The visitors, who come to Ukraine, specially visit this mosque to see the glimpse of this beautifully and well maintained mosque of the 16th century designed by the Turkish architect of its time.

The development work is also an ongoing process of this 17th century mosque. Special attention was paid in rebuilding the two minarets which were destroyed in the 17th century. The height of these minarets is 35 meters each. The minarets that were destroyed were on the eastern and western sides of the mosque and they have been built at the same position to maintain the beauty of the mosque.










Interior of the Juma-Jami Mosque, Yevpatoria, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine (photo)






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