Geneva Mosque, Geneva, Switzerland

Berne is the Capital of Switzerland. This country is not a member of the United Nations and is considered to be a neutral state. This could be one of the reasons why many United Nations subsidiary organizations headquarters are based in Geneva.

The Muslim community in the whole of Switzerland is, to be precise 4.9% of the total inhabitants of the country. The majority of the Muslims in the country are located in the German speaking area of Switzerland which is approximately 5%. These people are spread in the 8 areas. Geneva is the only city where the Muslims are living more than any other area of the country.

The Muslims in the country are mostly from European and African countries.  It is estimated that 10,000 of the 400,000 Muslims in Switzerland are Muslims who are converted Muslims and adopted Islam as their religion.

There are around 8 Muslim organizations in the country; most of them came into existence between the periods 1990 to 2000.

The Geneva Mosque was constructed in 1978. It has one minaret with a height of 22 meters

The Geneva Mosque is the biggest mosque in the country with the capacity to accommodate 1500 Muslims at one given time. This mosque was finally declared open by (Late) King Khalid Bin Abdu l Aziz, the then King of Saudi Arabia. On the occasion of the opening of the mosque, The President of the Swiss federation was also president.

The First Islamic center was formed in 1960 in Geneva, but as the time passed this place became insufficient to accommodate the Muslim people and a proposal was placed for a new and much bigger mosque, before a certain committee in 1975 by one of the doctors who was also the personnel physician of King Saud of Saudi Arabia and has also served as U N delegate. King Faisal and King Fahd funded the construction of the new mosque

The architect of the mosque was a Swiss based Turkish who had the experience of Western architectural expertise and the Turkish designing of the mosque. His name was OOSMAN GORDOGAN. He proposed a mixed project that depicted European and Oriental sketch for construction.

 From the photographs which are available on the internet, it seems that the veranda of the mosque is built of pure white marble and the prayer hall is fully carpeted with a beautiful pink and white carpet.

The picture of the mosque shows that there is a Rostrum made of wood from where the IMANM addresses the people who come there to offer prayers. In the same photograph we could see a Minber from where the Imam delivers the Sermon on the occasion of Friday prayers and on other important festivals of Muslim Society. The area of the mosque is 2576 square meters. The ground breaking ceremony was performed in 1975. The mosque was inaugurated on 1st June 1978, and the total cost outlay was CHF 13 million.

From the pictures it is evident that the mosque has an Octagonal (eight sided) dome but it is not very high. The dome is fitted with windows covered with tinted glasses, probably to allow enough light to pass into the prayer hall.  There seems to be two entry points into the mosque from where the worshipers could enter the mosque.



Switzerland Minaret Ban








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