Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

The mosque was constructed in 1458 at the time when Constantinople was subjugated Ottoman Turks in the year 1453. The site chosen for this mosque was the region of Eyup on the side of the European coast in Istanbul, Turkey. This mosque was built at the very beginning of the occupation of Constantinople by the Turkish Ottoman Rulers.

This is a place where the First companion of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) Hazrat Abu Ayub Al Ansari was buried in 670. The tomb of this great companion of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) is visited by many tourists who come to this place. The importance of this place is also highlighted because of the fact that many private possessions of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) are kept in a building constructed for this purpose in the compound of the tomb.

This site has an historic importance because the Sultan of Turkey was gifted with the SWORD OF OOSMAN Gazi. Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari was martyred when he was carrying the pennant of Islam at the time of the battle to conquer Constantinople during the period 674 to 678

The Sultan of Turkey decided to build an impressive tomb of the Prophets companion so that its importance is highlighted. This place was also chosen for all succeeding ordination formalities of the later Sultans.

People visiting this place should take special care during their visit as this [place is considered a very SACRED dwelling of the Muslims. This is considered to be the fourth important place after Mecca, Madina and Jerusalem. This place is full of visitors during the weekly holidays and other important occasions.

This area is most likely named after this great Islamic leader and companion of the Prophet. This could also be one of the reasons why this area has gained immense importance and it thronged with visitors during the weekends and other important occasions.

This small place has a small Market in the vicinity of the mosque and people comforting themselves with the fountains in this area. Regrettably this place is also a stronghold of panhandlers. This is the only drawback in the area, where people face such types of persons. Sometimes it is very embarrassing for the visitors to face these poor people asking for money.

The original mosque was destroyed during the tremors that hit the place in 1766, but the real desire of the people is to visit the tomb and see for them the personnel stuffs of the Prophet.

There is cafeteria in the area from where people could view the whole city, from the porch of the restaurant, especially during the full moon which would be remembered for months together.















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