Evry Grand Mosque, France

France is a country in Europe next to United Kingdom where Muslim population is the largest in number. The total population of France is around 65 million out of which Muslim inhabitants are seven million from all around the globe. It is very depressing that although the Muslim population is very large, yet there was hardly any mosque in France where Muslims could gather to offer their religious duties.

It was in 1980 when a plan was drawn to build a mosque for the Muslims where they could gather and offer their prayers and discharge other duties bestowed on them by the ALMIGHT ALLAH. There are now 2200 mosques in France, the largest being thee EVRY mosque in Evry, Paris, France.

This mosque is said to be the third largest mosque in Europe. The mosque is spread over an area of 7000 square meters which at one time can accommodate 5000 people to offer prayers. On the occasion of Friday prayers 10,000 people can offer prayers at one time.

The mosque area is said to be a complex which comprises of school, cultural center and managerial block. The school building comprises of 9 classrooms with 24 children in each class.

The Muslims in France started gathering funds for the construction of the mosque. They collected sufficient funds from which they undertook the trips to the Middle East and Gulf states to gather further funds.

The team of fund raisers met the Saudi Shaikh and he helped these persons in the construction of the mosque by contributing funds for this noble cause. The design of the mosque was drawn by the architect Henri Baudot. This gentleman had designed many mosques that were built-in Algeria and Tunisia.

The groundbreaking ceremony was carried out in 1984 and the construction was completed in 10 years. The interior decoration of the mosque was financed by the Hassan II foundation.














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