Blue Mosque. Yerevan, Armenia

The mosque in this city of Armenia could not provide services to the Muslims because it was under the control of the Russian Administration which followed anti-Muslim policies. After the independence of Armenia from the Russian clutches, the Iranian government helped Armenia to revive the mosque and open it for the Muslims who lived in Armenia who could then use this mosque for offering prayers and other religious duties

Armenia has been under the rule of many rulers since 14th century. During the last 30 to 35 years of the 18th century it was a part of the Iranian territory, but Iran lost control over this area when it was forcibly occupied by Russia in 1827.

The construction of the mosque, according to various writers, was commissioned sometime in the mid-18th century. One of the travellers wrote that the construction of the Blue mosque started during the period when Nadir Shah ruled over Iran. He further mentioned that the designer and the supervision of its construction were carried out by Husain Ali Khan. There is a slight difference of opinion about exact date of erection of the mosque. One opinion is that it started in 1760 and was completed between 1764 and 1768.

The Russians claim that the Blue mosque was one of the biggest out of the eight which were present during that period.  This mosque has a covered area of 7,000 square meters. The mosque comprises of a prayer room, a courtyard, a reading room and an Islamic school. The Islamic school is based on 26 rooms and their location is all round the courtyard. The mosque has a single minaret with a height of 24 meters.

The mosque under consideration was converted into thee museum in the year 1931 by the then Soviet Authorities which followed anti Islam policies. After the independence of Armenia from the soviet occupation,, the mosque was thoroughly renovated at the cost of Iranian Government.

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