Bayezid II Mosque, Istanbul

This mosque is situated in the Bayezid square in Istanbul, a well-known city of Turkey, especially with reference to mosques. The exact location of the mosque is close to the skeletons of Scene of theodosius of early Constantinople ( a previous headquarter of the Turkish government which was constructed by Constantine in the 4th century and was named after him as  Constantinople)

This mosque was built by him and opened for public which is considered to be the second largest mosque in Istanbul. The previous mosque “Fatih Mosque” was completely devastated due to tremors (natural Calamity) and was reconstructed from scratch in modern fashion and style. It is not clear as to who was the designer of the mosque, but its elegance provides evidence that the architect was knowledgeable of Ottoman and modern designing techniques prevailing at the time the mosque was rebuilt. The complex consisted of Islamic school, community kitchenette which were constructed during the period 1501 to 1506

It is also noted that the dome of the mosque was somewhat spoiled by the tremors of the earthquake which hit Istanbul in 1509 and was rebuilt to a certain extent. The mosque was also partially reconstructed during various different times.

The Veranda is built on the northwest of the complex. The size of this veranda is identical in size to that of the mosque. The two entrances to the courtyard have been decorated beautifully on both sides of the courtyard. The courtyard has a number of columns placed at equal distance from each other. The total number of columns is twenty made of very traditional and granite acquired from the skeletons of the churches and the veranda has 24 small domes. The floor of this place is made of different colors of marbles which is an idea that attracts the people who visit the mosque.

The mosque size is 40 meters by 40 meters and the diameter of the beautifully decorated dome is 17 meters. The main dome is supported by four small domes on all the four sides of the principal dome. The building of the mosque is made from the marble and highlighted with different colored stones recovered from nearby areas.

The inside portion of the mosque resembles to a certain point with that of Hagia Sophia.  There are small cupolas on the east and west of the main cupola. On the North and south are located walkways which do not contain the balconies but the length of the mosque becomes lengthy. There are twenty windows at the base of the main dome whereas the smaller domes contain seven windows each.

The west side of the mosque is covered with corridors which are quite lengthy and in this way the length of the mosque increases

The mosque is square in size with 40 meters in length and 40 meters wide with a single dome whose height is 44 meters and its diameter is 17 meters. There are two minarets which are built of granite and marble and fantastically decorated.














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