Great Mosque of Cirebon, Indonesia

Mosque is a place where all Muslims whether men or women, young and old gather to offer the five time prayers in the form of a congregation. In Islam, five times prayers are a must for every man or woman, young or old. It is not mandatory to offer the prayers in the mosque. The prayers can also be offered at any place. It is much better to offer five time prayers or as many times a day in the mosque in the form of congregation. In this case the prayers are led by a person, appointed by the management of the mosque who is called the IMAM or KHATEEB.

The Cirebon mosque under discussion is one of the two oldest mosques in Indonesia dating as far back as 15th century. The Cirebon mosque also called the Great mosque of Cirebon was built around 1480. The building of this mosque was started when the teachings of Islam were spread by the person named WALI SONGO. This mosque is famously known as Great Mosque of Cirebon. In the district of Java this mosque is also called by many other names.

The mosque was designed by Sunan Kalijaga, who was appointed to design and supervise the construction by Sunan Gunung Djati. At the time of building, approximately 500 labor force was employed.  Sunan Kalijaga was assisted by Redan Sepat to complete the task entrusted to him. Later during the war Redan Sepat was jailed for helping in the erection of the mosque.

The mosque consists of two rooms including the veranda and the visitors are required to pass through nine doors before they could reach the prayer hall. The mosque is a blend of Demak, Majapahit and Cirebon design and culture.

The strange thing about this mosque is that it has no domes as is usually seen in other mosques in the District of Java. This mosque did bear the dome but later on it was removed. The Muazin (Person giving the call for prayers wear white uniform.

The walls of the mosque are engraved with flora along with Arch (semicircular open door. There are fixed on the floor three special tiles which signifies IMAN, IHSAN AND EXCELLENCE.  These tiles were fixed by each architect out of their free will according to their belief. The two pools near the porch of the mosque is a ZAMZAM well which people usually visit during the Holy month of Ramadan and some also use the water from the well to treat various diseases

In order to get to the mosque, people, both local and foreigners can use local transport, hire taxis or make special arrangements with the help of tourism department.

In the vicinity of the mosque there are a number of amenities available for people coming to the mosque such as   inns, eatery, tour guides, and information desks. Foodstuff stalls. Gift shops etc.

This mosque, as is usual in all mosques offers all services that are commonly provided by the mosque management.









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