Glasgow Central Mosque

The Glasgow mosque is built by the businessman of Glasgow whose name was Mr. Mohammad Tufail Shaheen in 1984. It was finally opened to public in 1984. The mosque was inaugurated by the then Secretary General of the Motamar–e- Alam-Islami, a world body of Muslims, with offices in all the Islamic countries of the World. The name of this great Muslim leader was Mr. Omer Naseef. The mosque is situated on the Bank of River Clyde in the central district of Glasgow.

The total area of the site is 16,000 square meters. This mosque complex will have sports complex, community facilities, Library well equipped with books for the interest of the Muslim community, Prayer hall, Cafeteria, conference room and a well planned education centre.

The complex had a total cost outlay of three million British Pounds and the design of the mosque resembles to the Arabic tradition. The mosque is provided with a big Garden on one side and on the other side of the mosque are domed windows. The most eye-catching thing is the Minaret from where the call for prayers is given five times a day. The mosque is comparatively a small one with the capacity of 2500 people to offer prayer at a given time. The mosque has one Dome and one minaret.

The most prominent aspect of the mosque is the dome right on top of the main prayer hall from where natural sunlight is received in the main prayer hall. The MIhrab from where the IMAM of the mosque stands is facing the Mecca.

The garden of the mosque is within the boundary walls of the complex and there is another minaret erected. The complex of this mosque is a blend of Islamic style of construction with Red sandstones. This material is mostly used for building structures in Glasgow.

The courtyard has a garden ion one side whereas there big windows on the other side of the courtyard are windows.  The other most prominent feature of the mosque is the entrance to the courtyard which is decorated with doors which bear flower designs.

















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