Et’hem Bey Mosque in Tirana – Albania

The construction of the mosques began in the year 1789 which took around 34 years to complete, which means that the mosque’s construction  was completed in 1823. The mosque was started by Molla Bey and were completed in the rule of his son Ethem Pasha..

The mosque is located in the centre of the city Tirana, which is difficult for any person to miss its view. It was opened for Muslims to pray in 1991. For the opening of this mosque for the Muslims, about 10,000 people entered the mosque to offer their prayers and despite the fact that the authority’s permission was not sought for its opening, yet the law forcing agencies did not interfere.

The mosque was closed for the Muslims during the period of communist rule, but was suddenly opened in 1991 without the permission of the rulers

Looking at the Walls of the mosque inside as well as outside and in the porch, one could see plants, cascades and current style connections and the themes which could hardly be seen in the current Islamic architecture, which is so attractive that one could hardly take off his eyes from these paintings and designs. These type of pictures and plans can hardly be seen in the modern days.

People come to see this mosque from far and wide ares=as because i=of its unique designing and eye catching beauty.










Tirana-a capital to remember tourism destinations


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