Edirne Old Mosque

It is the most beautiful mosque ever built-in the city of Edirne, Turkey. The foundation stone was laid in 1402 and the mosque was completed in 1414. The construction started by Emir Suleyman and was completed during the rule of his brother Sultan Me.  It   is located in the center of the city where other mosques are also situated.

It contains two Madaras (Schools where Quran and Hadith are taught) one on the south east and the other in the southwest of the mosque.  This building is considered to be the marvelous piece of architecture and is known worldwide for its beauty.  The mosque has a very big courtyard measuring 190 Meters by 130 Meters. Later during the time of Sultan Murad III in 1574-1595, building was built for the recitation of Holy Quran to be known as DARULQURA’A. The Hall of the mosque is square in shape with porticoes on the North side of the hall. The people who offer prayers can enter the hall from three sides of the courtyard i.e. North, East and South. The prayer hall has minaret in all four corners of the prayer hall which are 71 meters in height.

The interior of the mosque is decorated by different beautiful colors and much excelle4nt calligraphic work which was done in the second half of the 19th century. The mosque was damaged by fire but luckily the mihrab and the minber remained intact.

When the mosque was planned it had one minaret but later one more was built which is more in height than the one built at the time the mosque was built. The second minaret stands at the northwest corner of the northwest corner when Murad II started building another mosque. The base of the minaret is adorned by bartizans and a spout. There are two galleries built on the upper side of the minaret which are approachable with distinct stair case.

The mosque has been built with stonework very artistically fixed except the entrance. The porch was adorned by brickwork after a long duration.

The most fascinating thing about this mosque is the dome of the prayer hall which is 31.28 m in diameter and is supported by 8 pillars each having Octagon shape.















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