Edinburgh Central Mosque

This mosque is well known in Edinburgh as King Fahd Mosque and Islamic centre which is located near the education hub of Edinburgh, that is, University of Edinburgh and the famous Scotland Museum.

The main architect of the Complex was Basil Al-Bayati and the complex took six years to complete at a cost of 3.5 million British pounds. The main prayer hall can take one thousand worshippers at one time with a separate Balcony built for ladies. It is decorated with Chandeliers (a well laid out lightning system hanging downwards from the roof with provision for numerous bulbs) and a beautiful carpet laid in the prayer hall for the worshippers.

As the population of Edinburgh increased, people started thinking about having a mosque in Edinburgh. Previously there was no mosque to facilitate the Muslims in offering their prayers. The Muslim community purchased the land from the local authorities but the construction was withheld for want of funds. The construction was started when King Fahd of Saudi Arabia donated about 90% of the total construction cost. The project was completed on 31st July, 1998 with Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd finally declaring mosque open for the people of Edinburgh.

The Friday prayers and the five time daily prayers take place in the main hall. It is decorated with carpet. There are chairs available for the elderly and handicapped persons. The people can hold lectures and have discussion with the prior permission of the management. There are two main entrances from where people can enter the prayer hall. The management has arrangement for funeral services.

There is a modern ablution place for worshippers.  Further money has been provided to upgrade the facilities in the mosque and it is decided to modernize the abolition area and add more places for the people to avail abolition.













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