East London Mosque

The mosque stands between the Whitechapel and Aldgate in the central London. The most of the Muslim community lives around the mosque. a few miles on either side. This is the most convenient place where the mosque was built by the Muslim Community so that the Muslims can approach the mosque easily to offer their prayers.

The mosque can take up to 7,000 people at one time to offer prayers. This mosque handles the biggest Friday congregation in London. The records show a total of around 35,000 people attending the mosque and the Islamic Centre weekly. The Friday prayers in this mosque are the largest congregation in the whole of United Kingdom.

The building was started in 1982 and completed in 1985. The plot on which this mosque is built was lying empty since the area was bombarded by the enemies during the Second World War. The rear side of the mosques opens in the Fieldgate Street while the front portion faces the Chapel Road. The outer structure of the mosque is built prominently with brick prototype in double colour which gives a beautiful look.

The mosque has one dome in golden color and its diameter is about 8.5 meters in diameter. The mosque has two minarets of 22 meters in height from the ground. There are two prayer halls, teaching rooms. Gallery, offices and a retail outlet.

The first phase of the new complex began in 2002 and completed in 2004. This is an extension of the existing mosque. It is a six storey building with the facilities of two big multipurpose halls, seminar room, a small library, fitness centre, classrooms, a radio station and offices.

At the start of the 20th century, there were millions of Muslims in the Empire, but there was no place for them to offer religious rights, for which a meeting was convened to make necessary arrangements to give this facility. In 1910 a fund was established to provide a place for the Muslims residing in United Kingdom with the facility to offer prayers and celebrate festivals.










Ramadan begins in London




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