Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque

In accordance with the name of the mosque, it is not a new monument of the Muslim history. It dates back to 1660, when its construction was done. This period was in the rule of Ottoman Empire. Although, over the centuries, the structure of the mosque was reconstructed many times to suit it uses, yet it survived the French attack in which many other buildings were damaged or brought to ground. The present configuration shows many different architectural features

People who have been visiting this place in the past shall enjoy seeing its present architectural design because changes have been made during different periods which are not only attractive but beautiful lay out.  This is a marvelous piece of design and culture.

There are two entrances to the mosque. As the visitors enter the building they would find domes, columns, vaults and wood work that are so perfectly designed that one can hardly avoid appreciating its beauty and precision.

 The only thing that people are unaware of the fact is that the shape given to the ground is in the form of a cross. People believe that the architect of the mosque was a Christian who was believed to have been sentenced to death.


Place du Gouvernement, Mosquee Djemaa-el-Djedid











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