Dai Anga Mosque, Lahore

This mosque is located near the Lahore Railway station, about quarter kilometer from the railway station. The mosque was built by Anga who was a nurse of the MUghal King Shah Jahan. There is a belief that this mosque was built by her in 1672 AD before she went on Haj. It is believed that she was very popular in the palace of the king because her husband and the son were placed in important posts in the king’s palace.

The mosque was well maintained after the death of Dai Anga, because she had created an endowment for its maintenance. Unfortunately, the mosque was converted into the official residence of a news editor during the British rule. But later it was reconverted into the mosque in 1903 and since those times it is in use as a mosque.

The exterior of the mosque resembles to the getup of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore. But it is ironic to witness that when the mosque was reconverted into its original use, the interior work of the mosque, which was damaged during the use as a residence, was redecorated with tiles of very inferior quality.

The last resting place of Zeb-un-Nisa known as Dai Anga is a few steps away from the well known Gulabi Bagh. . This resting place is built on a raised platform with a big dome and four towers on all the four corners of the Mausoleum. This Mausoleum has two graves one of Dai Agna and the other of her daughter Sultana =Begum. These Graves are built in the basement of the Mausoleum. This mausoleum had a large garden around it, but this is no more there, which has either not been taken care of or uprooted.














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