Bursa Grand Mosque

The name of the city in Turkey where this mosque was built about 600 years ago is known as Bursa. It was ordered by the then ruler of the Ottoman period Sultan Bayezid I. He specifically instructed that the construction of this mosque should be in the Seljuk style.

The city of Bursa was the headquarters during the Ottoman rule. At present the number of inhabitants of Bursa is around 15 lac people. It is one of the big industrial and commercial centers and an economic hub of the country.

The design was made by the Turkish architect of its time named Ali Neccar in early 1390s and the construction began in 1396. It was finalized in 1399. It is considered to be the largest mosque in Bursa city and a piece of fine Ottoman Rule. The foundation of this mosque was laid on the orders of Sultan Bayezid I. This is the largest mosque in the city with 20 domes with five rows each having four domes. These domes rests on twelve pillars which are all made of concrete material.

The mosque has a FOUNTAIN IN THE MOSQUE which facilitates people to undertake ablution before they begin to offer prayers.  One of the domes is covered by tinted glasses which gives a fascinating look to the place of ablution.

The inside hall of the mosque is lit fixed with lights that are very hazy and the columns in the mosque which provide artificial partition in the hall gives an impression of secrecy between the people offering the prayers.

The interior of the mosque is decorated with different verses from the QURAN by notable calligraphers of that era. There are 192 calligraphic designs on walls. Columns, skirtings and on different cups that are fixed in different shapes.













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