Birmingham Central Mosque

This mosque is located in High gate region of Birmingham. This mosque is considered to be the largest Centre for the Muslim community in Europe. It is looked after by the organization called Birmingham Mosque Trust.

The mosque was completed in 1969. This mosque is one of the biggest mosques built for the promotion of Muslim cause. Initially people donated for the construction of this mosque, but a time came when the structure was left half built because of the shortage of funds.  At this point of time the local government of Birmingham intervened and wanted to sell the half built building to some other persons for different purpose if the mosque could not be finalized within a period of next two years. This threat of the local council of Birmingham, compelled the management to gather funds from Muslim and non Muslim business community so that they could complete the mosque in time. The management was successful in achieving the target of completing the mosque in the stipulated period. The mosque was operative in 1975. A golden dome was built in 1981 on the apex of the minaret.

1986 was the year when the government allowed the management to give call for prayers, but within the stipulated region. A school was established between 1988 and 1990 by the name Al-Hijrah school in the rented premises comprising of three rooms in the same complex before it was shifted to Midland House, a place in the area called Small Heath.

Dr. M A Qureshi had put the idea of having a mosque in Birmingham. He is believed to have settled in Birmingham in late 1950s.














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