Ar-Rahma Mosque, Kiev, Ukraine

This mosque’s name, if translated in English means Mercy mosque and it is constructed in the last five years of the 20th century that is between 1996 and 2000. It is located in the capital of Ukraine. This mosque was not made within the city, but in the surrounding area called Tuataras

Real attempt to have a mosque for the Muslim Community was made in 1991 and this is believed to be the most auspicious occasion for the Muslims of Kiev to have a permanent place where they could perform all their religious rites freely.

The local government of Kiev passed a special order, at the request of the Muslim community Association, allocating the land for the mosque where Muslim Community could freely exercise the right to pray according to their belief. Since this order was passed in February 1996, the building process could only start after this date.

The mosque was built with the funds donated by the Muslims living in Kiev. The mosque was constructed in stages because, most probably due to slow influx of funds. The first stage was opened in 1998 when Friday Prayers and prayers on holidays and on unusual events began. The mosque was finally opened for daily prayers when it was fully completed which was in 2000.

The capacity of the mosque is adequate for 3000 people, at one time who can offer prayers in congregation. The covered area of the mosque is 3200 square meters with one minaret standing at a height of 27 meters.

The exact location of the mosque is on the top of the mountain. The population of Ukraine is two million and about 60,000 Muslims live in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Muslim society made its first effort to have a permanent place for Muslims in 1897 where they could offer prayers and other rites, The Muslim Association of Ukraine could only succeed in getting a house where they established a mosque. .Official permission was only granted in as late as 1996.

There has developed a lot of religious forbearance in the recent past among all faiths which is a good sign for promoting harmony, not only among Muslims but also among different beliefs. The mosque also has one Dome, but the details of this dome are unavailable.













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