Ampel Mosque in Surabaya – Indonesia

Indonesia is a Muslim country with majority of its population being Muslims. The religion of the country is Islam. There are many mosques in the country and majority of the Muslims offer five times prayer.

The mosque under discussion is situated in the sub-district of Surabaya in East Java and the name of this sub-district is Ampel.  The first mosque in the district of East Java was built in the 15th Century and the name of its designer and builder was SUNAN AMPEL. His last resting place is also in the same sub-district where this mosque stands today.

This mosque is considered to be the center of Islam in the Surabaya city with buildings all around the mosque which are of Chinese and Arab design. In the vicinity of this mosque there is a well. According to the belief of some of the people this well is used when the will of the people is fulfilled

The last resting place of the architect of this mosque contains a court with gates on all sides of the compound.

According to the records available, the mosque was built in 1421with length and breadth being 180 by 120 meters. The covered area of the mosque is 5,000 square meters and the total area of the complex is 21,600 square meters, equivalent to 233,000 square feet. The mosque is under the control of Surabaya government who takes care of its maintenance/

The length and breadth of the mosque is 45 meters x 45 meters supported by a number of supporting columns made of teak wood with a height of 17 meters. The width of each pillar measures around 60cm which is 24 inches. It is a marvelous piece of work in the absence of any machinery or equipment to lift the heavy pillars and erect them in the right place.

People come to this mosque for itikaf in the holy month of Ramadan when people stay in the mosque fully dedicate themselves in praying, reading the Holy book QURAN and the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him), listening to the waaz (Sermon) delivered by learned Muslim scholars who have full command, in their respective fields, on the teachings of Islam. Large number of people visits the mosque daily. The government makes necessary arrangements for their transportation.














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