Al Saleh Mosque

This mosque is the biggest mosque in the whole of Yemen. It can accommodate around 44,000 Muslims to pray at one time. It was inaugurated by the then Yemeni President, Ali Abdulla Saleh in November 2008. This mosque was constructed at total outlay of Us $ 60million.. It lies on the outskirts of the capital Sana’a near a famous Maternity hospital named Al Sabeen Maternity Hospital.

The total area of the plot measures 146,350square feet. The covered area of the mosque is 294,000 sq. ft. The main hall of the mosque where Muslims offer their prayers is 146,350 sq. ft. The Al Saleh mosque is open for tourists which are a great source of promoting the concepts and teachings of Islam.

The Yemeni president was badly erotized for starting the construction of this mosque because of the socio-economic conditions of the country. The construction of the mosque witnessed many hazards which took many laborers life. The minarets also buckled down many times.

The security measures are quite good as there are police force deployed around the mosque and there is also arrangement of bomb sniffing dogs.

The mosque has been decorated with different types of beautiful black stones and the architect also used limestone in red, white and black. People are of the opinion that the mosque design resembles that of Khana-e -Ka’aba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The mosque is decorated with wooden roofs and many QURANIC verses are beautifully written on the walls of the mosque. The mosque bears five domes with the largest dome being 90 meters in diameter and it is 130 feet above the roof. The remaining four domes are 51 feet in diameter and stands at a height of 67 feet above the roof level. The mosque has three storeys with a Qur’an college in it containing a huge library and around 25 classrooms.

The mosque has 15 beautifully carved wooden doors. Out of these 10 are located on the eastern and western part of the mosque while the reaming five open towards the Qur’an College and give way to the people to enter the prayer hall after ablution.  The mosque is equipped with the most modern air conditioning and security system. The mosque’s lights are on full night which gives a awe-inspiring look of the mosque. Diah International was appointed as sub contractors for the civil and mechanical work of the mosque. The construction of the building was also assisted by the international company named Sodaco Engineering. The mosque has vast car parking space where almost thousand cars can be parked. It has lush green gardens adjoining the mosque and the courtyard.

The stone work in the mosque of the most great global standards and the mosque is fixed with Yemeni stones which are unique in nature.












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