Al Rahma Mosque. Liverpool

This mosque is the largest mosque amongst the three in Liverpool.  The capacity of the mosque is around 2,500 people. The total Muslim population in Liverpool is estimated to be around 25,000.

This is first mosque in England built by the converted Muslim in 1889 which was well maintained until 1908. Since then (1908) this mosque was renovated in 2010 and present it is in the custody of Liverpool Muslim Society.

The Liverpool Muslim society was formed in 1953 by a Muslim who opened the society office in his house. He was determined to create a place for the very small population of Liverpool, where Muslims could offer their religious obligations. The population of Liverpool at that time was only 3,000 Muslims

The Muslim community was without any proper place where they could offer Friday prayers and celebrate their other Muslim festivals. In 1965 the proper plan was drawn and the construction of the mosque commenced. A prayer hall was completed in 1971. During this period Friday prayers and other festival congregations were held in the car parking area opposite the mosque under construction.

In order to expand the mosque area, the Islamic Muslim Society, Liverpool started buying the buildings adjacent to the mosque. Presently the mosque is three storied building and has a conventional dome. This mosque was ready for the public in 2008.

The building is mainly in use of the Arab and Somali Muslims because majority of the Liverpool Muslims are from these countries. This mosque complex holds five time prayers daily plus Friday prayers. It has a day care centre for the elderly people, sporting club for children and also holds Arabic lesson classes during the weekend.

People visit the mosque in great numbers from far and wide regions to see the mosque. The mosque is usually greatly booked by the surrounding schools for their children’s visit, because Islam is being taught in many schools in and around Liverpool. This place of Muslim worship (Mosque) has become very popular amongst the people of the area and the institutions.











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