Ahat Jami Mosque

Ahat Jami mosque was built in the town of Ukraine named Donets Basin after the Soviet Union was split into seven sovereign central nation states in the early 1990s.  The name of the mosque was placed in honor of the businessman of Ukraine whose name was Akhat Bragain, whereas one of the two Minarets was named to honor Rinat Akhmetov.

Islam came to Ukraine in the 15th century when most of the Muslims are from the Tatars Tribes came to settle in Ukraine.  The total Muslim population of Ukraine is roughly assessed to be 500,000. Of this number around 60% of them are Crimean Tatar. Ukrainian Muslims follow the religion of Hanafi school of thought, the second largest religion after Christianity.

The Muslims lived in Ukraine for many hundred years as far back as the 15th century.  Most of the Muslim population of Ukraine is placed in the area of Crimea. The Muslim community was created from the people who lived in Eastern Europe since the 7th century.

The Khanate went under the control of Divan Kingdom and was governed by the local authorities, when in the 15th century Crimean Muslims started the battle to recover their lost freedom, to gain control of the people who were regulated by the people of Ottoman rulers which figure numbered around three million. Initially the Russian control over Ukraine was weak, but after successive attacks the territory of Ukraine was put under the control of Russia.

In 1993 the ground breaking ceremony took place for the first mosque in Donetsk which was the first Muslim Mosque in the area. The design of the mosque was taken from one of the mosques in Istanbul.

This project was funded by the Ukraine businessman Akhat Bragin.  This personality passed away in 1995, when it was decided to name the mosque after his name. The original plan was to have one minaret of the mosque. Due to the flow of additional funds it became easily possible to build one more minaret with the subsequent financing of the project by Rinat Akhmetov. The mosque has a two storey building. The first storey houses an Islamic University, the only Islamic education center of its nature in Donetsk.

Although the mosque is small, only sufficient for 700 people at one time yet it is well planned with a single prayer hall laden with a beautiful Carpet.  There are a few chairs placed for the convenience of elderly people who feel uncomfortable to offer prayers while standing.

The most important thing about this mosque is that the people of the area found the right time to set up a university in this small mosque for the Muslims community. The people thought that the upcoming generation should be provided as much knowledge about Islam as far as their resources allow.

People of the Muslim society should donate funds generously so that the University may be in a position to achieve its goals.

The mosque has one dome, two minarets and the capacity in the mosque is limited to 700 worshippers at any one time.







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