Shkoder Mosque, Albania

Shkoder is a very important city of Albania which is the hub of economic activity and a cultural center. The population of the city is around 100,000 populations and the city on the north western area of the country.  In the First World War, Serbian forces were driven out from Shkoder and it was made a part of Albania according to the conference held in London, England which was named Conference of Ambassadors.

The mosque in Albania which is under discussion is situated in a lake in the city of Shkoder, Albania. It was constructed or rather completed, (details are unavailable). Unfortunately the mosque is closed and is non-functional, which means that the people do not go there to offer their religious duty.

The mosque was built on the land which was the property of the Catholic Church. The mosque was built in 1773 by the then ruler of the area whose name was Mehmet Bushati.

Mehmet Bushati was involved in the construction and stone business and he himself supervised the construction of the mosque. The first Imam of the mosque was appointed by Mehmet Bushati, who was originally from Egypt. Afterwards many other imams also served the mosque and took good care in the maintenance of the holy place of worship.

At present the population of Shkoder is around 50,000 and is one of the great trade centers of Albania with some foreign countries’ missions and 2500 shop. The city of Shkoder is similar to the old days with streets. The main streets of the city have two storied buildings on either side of the roads.




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